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"Trust, ​Trusted."


Your health is our first priority.

We hope to improve your health and well-being.

Dasom Disposable Diaper

Offers slim and light design for incontinence.

Need to use it with To Us or Dasom pads.

Provides double leak-guards with S.A.P.

Good for hospitals and sanatoriums

Package : 10x8

Type : L Size - Tape / Velcro

Dasom Diaper

Most popular item for individual users and hospitals
Offers both tape-on type and brief type

Package : 10x8

Type : L Size - Tape / Velcro

           XL Size- Tape / Velcro

Dasom Premium


Offers premium quality. Use breathable materials to promote healthy skin. Provides comfortable fit. Super absorbent leak-guards prevent leaking and odors. Good for individual users.

Package : 10x8

Type : L Size - Velcro

Dasom Underpad

With highly absorbent layers of tissue to absorb leakage to maintain dryness. As a OEM company to Yuhan-Kimberly offers same quality underpads. Layers of tissue with polyethylene on the backside.

Package : 10x10

Type : Compressed pulp type

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